the silver fir

watches over the empty terrace

and the dawn snow


on the furrowed field

a basket of corn cobs

under the morning’s feeble rays


fog lingers

over the flowery meadow

spring wakes the blackbird



the moon is late

it comes after the stars



across the river

darkness follows


in the quiet afternoon

wasps swarm

around the dead lamb’s wounds



magnolia petals fall

unheard into the grass


every sunset

the apple tree reflected in the window

of the deserted library


at dawn
on the ridge
a cloud fallen asleep





at the foot of the hill

an empty hut

and a hungry dog



smelling of ripening corn

in the rucksack a bottle of stagnant water


in the vineyard

grapes in bloom

and the sun in the morning


children chasing fireflies

as the night closes in

hungry bats follow


from the ridge
the town and the river
a sprinkle of fairy dust

the belfry

falls silent

then, the faithful   


a vulture

disappears into the clouds

what does it find there?


at the far end of the field

a sunflower

welcomes the dusk


over the vineyards on the hill

white frost has descended

a few bunches of grapes are shrivelled


in the cups of the croci

the morning’s rays
someone must have called them




wild doves

coo joyfully

on an oak tree felled by the storm


Traduceri de Olimpia IACOB & James MEREDITH