The Music

Suddenly they appeared under the trees.

They carried a guitar

which left behind a heavy, triungular shadow

on the night’s vasty meadow.


Then they started to sing

and the melody stretched

its cold arms towards you.


I kept staring at the ground,

deep into the earth’s core,

to behold your fleeting footpath.


The melody was stretching its cold

feline arms towards you,

so I failed to grasp the embrace

coming out of the blue,

like nightfall’s hug,

electrical and dark.

The melody was feasting on you

like crawfish colonies across the bay

bustling upon the pray.


Suddenly they went away from the trees.

They carried a guitar

which cast a heavy, triungular shadow.

snatched and torn from the night’s meadow.


When I turned my face to you,

I beheld a mere skeleton

polished by the sand’s hue.


O, my love, my sweetheart,

my beloved woman,

you are welcome with infinity’s charm.

I kissed your arch, your sternum,

the suave bone embellishing your arm,

the second’s skeleton crossing eternity…


Beauty Sickness

I can’t say it was good luck
that I met you.
I merely say it was a marvel.


Strive not to die, my sweetheart,
Do your utmost not to die if you can.


I’ve been bereft of my life,
you’ve been bereft of your good luck.


All I can say is
that the two of us have been living
on this earthly globe.

English version by Gabriela PACHIA