For These Joys
For the joy of journeying across unlike sands
for the joy of grasping gentler flashes of lightning
for the joy of the tongue relishing the sweetness

of the fruit ripened in the climate of the star-studded lichens
for the joy of laughing in the summer sunshine through the rain
for the joy of scrutinising the sufferings of the darkness in broad daylight
for the joy of sipping the nimbus of the butterfly
fluttering the afternoon away into nothingness
for the joy of sleeping on the fleece
of the ram – a windfall from the zodiac
for the joy of listening by the white flares
to the fairytales hidden in childhood’s draw-well
for the joy of instilling life into the snowman
for the joy of stroking a foal with wings
of whirling roses

for the joy of dying and nonetheless
being resurrected in the armpit of a rosemary youngling

you were ushered into this world for all these joys my sweetheart
English version by Gabriela PACHIA