Climbing Up the Years

Water plants recall my sweetheart’s

Transcendental movements. All I have left is

Her body’s glow, her hair’s black sea,

In the darkness of my Gothic tower, among dusty tomes

And luminiscent owl eyes, among handbook leaves

Whence the wounded clock recites the city’s hours

In the twilight of the mauve steppes.

In the evening I return from the crowded streets

And tear the pubescent girl’s green glances off

My face, wash off the neon light dust,

The poster letters, the signboard colours,

The ceaseless street hubbub. Then I can hear

Her solemn footsteps climbing up the years.

I keep waiting for her with each still hour

Of my tower, shy about her musical movements

And the transcendental luminiscence of her knees.


Landscape in White

We’ll be wounded by so much white we’ll be buried

like two hieratic trees under the snowfall

let’s run away, too much stillness is pouring

over our temples and eyes let’s run away

as long as we can still recognise the path before the night

blows its frozen stars over us

my breath will fling wide open

the unseen window I cast my glances into the farness

over the snowdrifts gliding

along her blue footsteps across the river

into the warm bedchamber where the guardian

spirit of the fire is burning right there under bear skins

under the quince lanterns on the shelves

under your armpit frangrance

let’s run away we’ll be wounded

we’ll be wounded by so much white I long for your steps

disburdened of garments in the room’s quietude.


The Tree

“Good night,” said the tree

And noticed in astonishment :

These last few days

His eyesight has grown dim

Because of the yellow

Looming out of his eyes.

“Good night, good night,”

Sighed he

And went further away,

Fumbling around by the roadside,

While I was hoarding up

The fallen leaves behind him

Until daybreak. Then

We leaned against each other

In the autumnal cold.

“You are my friend,” he added.

But I paused

Since he had the gift of speech

And, besides, he was my friend.

English version by Gabriela PACHIA