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Cassian Maria SPIRIDON

pastel tragique   le jour avant la mort les roses ensevelies jusqu’au cou préparées pour l’hiver fleurissaient   une femme mettait sécher le linge mouillé la lumière palpitait tranquillement au ciel une étoile coupait un chemin de froid Traducere de Gisèle VANHESE


Ion Mureşan (n. 1955, Vultureni, jud. Cluj) este poet, publicist eseist.Absolvent al Facultăţii de Istorie-Filosofie, Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, aparţine grupării echinosiste.După absolvire lucrează ca profesor, apoi este redactor la revista,, Tribuna’’.Debutează în revista,, Cutezătorii’’ în 1968. Poetul Ion Mureşan scrie poezii care evidenţiază o autentică şi puternică personalitate poetică deşi numărul de volume publicate este […]


O Anne O Anne comme tu te comportes à travers le monde Comme tu te découvres et te couvres d’immensité… Un visage étrange dans l’herbe de l’esprit tu as vu à ce qu’il paraît épelant d’en haut de tout en haut le contour du monde… Tu effectuais une migration par dessus des eaux et par […]

Gabriela PACHIA

Drinkable Glory   I’ve conceived a roofless verse feast as time’s spouseless bandorist… Summer magazines are plagued with cervicides, nonoglots wearing their cerebroid lampshade brides… Saplings craving for rampant livelihood rush into bewilderment’s ears to brood… Daybreak would take me unawares many a times, remoulding rhymes, I’d give my life for carol chimes ! I […]

Adrian BOTEZ

The Spring of the Good-for-nothing I’m searching for my feet ― in the newly dressed pyjamas with long legs ― the way missing miners are searched for ― in the collapsed mine shafts and drifts I shall never again stride anywhere ― not even to the place where the snowflakes take wing to ward off […]


On the Anxiety Concerning the “Copyright”…   Jesus Christ created the Constellation Lyra : what is His “copyright value”, Mr Prime-Minister-of-the-Scythe ?   The Holy Spirit made the amethyst vault of the Heavens, from whence the wolfram networks of the stars hang : what is His “copyright value”, Mr Prime-Minister-of-the-Anvil ?   God Almighty also […]


Anonymous   I’m the poet nobody talks about during the contemporary literature class teachers don’t rush in quest of my works and so far pupils haven’t called me names in their minds for being compelled to learn my poems by heart. My grieving soul doesn’t allow me to go on silence strike and, even if […]


Without You   I’m freezing without you. I’ve never quite grasped How the air scents Your departure. The universe deflates Like a punctured ball, Scattering its icy shreds over me. The black dog Affectionately lying on the snow on its belly Rises to its feet and walks away Staring me in the eyes, Refusing to […]

Constanţa BUZEA

The Boundary   I fear that some day while loving me you might accept to spend the anguish through the thoughtfully immured night of our days there will always be a window between us so the kiss the words will shrink from tasting the illusion nor will there be any childbirth like the coldness of […]


On Litmus Paper   There are no more wild geese there are no more fairies with the golden curls the gingerbread house collapsed in the atomic bombing during the Punic Wars according to the celebrated chronicles where are our visionaries instead everywhere there are official press statements suave butterfly massacres where are our visionaries weep […]