Eve’s Shadow

From the sweet torments,

from the bitter delights

which carry our laments

from death to revival’s flights,


from the night’s lust for pleasure,

from love’s ardent kingdom and skies


you’re left with a shadow’s treasure,

slightly bluish, rife under your eyes.


What could the gift be compared to,

when the enchantment is matchless ?

To a landscape, to fortune’s clue

bygone in fabled realms gone traceless ?


Triumphs, resounding in sins that enthrall,

the deeply wounded allurement

would the shadow under your eyes recall,

the unwavering endurement


of times that echo May’s thrills and fair rites,

the sweetbrier scent, the mouth all afire,

expelled Eve running out of Heaven’s heights,

and still, I can barely fathom the code,

it recalls her first shadow cast on the road.


The Yearning

I cravingly breathe your fragrance and cup both my palms

around your cheeks the way you embrace

a marvel within your soul.

Our closeness consumes us, as we sit eye to eye.

Nonetheless you whisper to me, „I’m deeply longing for you !”

You speak so mysteriously and passionately, as if

I were a wanderer on some other realm.



what sea does your heart conceal and who are you ?

Sing your yearning once more,

for me to listen

so that the moments might seem fully-grown buds,

from which eternities truly blossom.


The Quatrains of the Beauteous Girl



Since the Sun wouldn’t go down
without turning his face towards
the city’s maidens, I wonder :
why should I decline the Sun’s rewards ?



A beauteous girl is
an open window to Paradise.
Many a time a dream is more verisimilar
than the truth’s device.



A beauteous girl is
the clay pouring into its moulds,

being consummated on a step
which is the fairytales’ thresholds.



What an immaculate shadow
would a girl cast into the light !
She is much like nothingness,
the sole stainless thing heaving in sight.



A beauteous girl is
life’s lofty firmament,
the heaven’s vault,
the ring’s sheer adornment.



Beauty looming out of beauty,
you were embodied unheralded,
as in „One Thousand and One Nights”
the story out of a story was ferreted.



A beauteous girl is
a smokelike chimera,
to whose soles, while walking,
there’d cling the dust, the road, and terra.



A beauteous girl is
the mirage on the skyline,
the gold within the language,
the teardrop of the heaven’s whine.




A beauteous girl is

as the Sun would reveal :
a novel wonder on a timeworn path,
the rainbow which leaps from the dew’s seal.



Beauteous girl, you will remain

our realm’s dream prolongation,
the sole genuine memory
amongst our legends’ elation.

English version by Gabriela PACHIA