Much too late did I start to look with my eyes at all beings,

beings dwelling by my side, in front of me − much too late,

(and I still have distinct remembrance of a friend

of his recounting long ago how he burst out one night

exclaiming, “Hey, look at you ! You’ve got blue eyes !”, he informed her,

and he could behold her, he’d been very much in love with her,

for some good years, when he shouted that with delight −) For instance,

this evenfall I stepped up onto the sidewalk, actually

passing by a being with intensely blue eyes,

and such a pellucid face that it seemed transparent,

and what do you think ? − she had blue eyes, and this evenfall I walked

almost next to her, gazingly. (And, which is more, I remembered

that many years ago I unexpectedly came across tall,

blue-eyed girls on the street, and I would think

such an encounter definitely meant something.) This evenfall

marks the beginning of spring − frightful −

and some things have a mortuary transparency − while other things

have frightful boundaries.

English version by Gabriela PACHIA