Adrian BOTEZ

The Poet

Our life is written in the stars, “Endure hunger !”

since only the hungry have visions and clamour

the hungry one can’t be fined as a theft monger

from the golden tree of knowledge − or of glamour…


’tis only when you cease to feel your wounded feet

that you’ll be blessed and start to grow heavenly wings

so you’ll be exempt from heavy tolls and conceit

converting aeons into as many sightings


you obstinately lean on the top of your staff

you ponder on life’s ordeals trusting church crosses

tigers tear you to pieces − every trial’s gruff


and choleraic lickspittles anoint your glosses

…thus derisory martyrs would always transverse

the foundations of Lord Our God worshipping verse



poor as one might be − indulge in dreams” − I’ll stow

my motto − exorcising vampires from caves :

should Golgotha be stripped of martyrs’ sooth craves

you’ll glorify − dementially − the echo


the sea will unavailingly spread and sprawl

if the Bird does not draw near − nor does the flock :

nor does Lord God inspect the genuine stock

nor does the chaste public applaud in the stall


retreat in the mountains − saints of the last day

secluded on peaks − blow your trumpets on probe :

there’ll be hissing − like snakes − from ushers in robe


thus you’ll be crushed − by boulders and disarray !

…where could I find shelter to keep my ears clear

from the arid clink − the usurer’s coin sear ?


The Scholars Bereft of the Ballad

the scholars have forsaken their kingdom’s debate

for them − hefty tomes have ceased to be animate !

they forge their scepter out of untruths and drift scum

all that is light − for them’s not worth a canticum !


the ocean convulses at the gateways of caves :

therefrom the Divine Infant will burst out of fire !

scholars shut the nine master masons book that raves

Manea’s flying off the roof − thus they miss the gyre !


you, immured Ana − the whole world’s undaunted bride

holy soul of the Fortress wherein you abide

the fish thrive to the banks of the fresh water’s tide

we come to You in prayer : open the Book anew

banish both hoarfrost and death from humankind’s thew

find solace for the fools − but don’t side with their view… !

English version by Gabriela PACHIA