Grigore VIERU

Cosy Fog


Where are the leaves and buds

nourished by the blood

running through our love’s floods ?!

Where is the blood

nourished by the green studs

running through our youthful moulds ?!


And where are the rivers’ riddles

purified by our souls’ needles ?!

And where might our souls sipple

pellucid from the water’s ripples ?!


Where is the forsaken bird heard

when awakened at dawn’s delight

by our love whispers in flight ?!

Where is our forsaken love heard

when awakened at dawn’s delight

by the bird’s song in flight ?


A cosy leafy fog would soar and dart

weaving among the trees a work of art

and I cling to it, my sweetheart,

like aforetime, like I did aforetime –

gliding by your side, sleepy and sublime.

English version by Gabriela PACHIA