A Sorrow That Has Slipped My Mind


I dreamt screaming waves, snakes
rising their heads
as though they wanted to guess all at once
the way the earth somersaults
among the stars


Herds of woods neighing


At the hills on the twilight threshold. Brambles beseeching
in a never-spoken-before language
here on earth


Roots stirringly sipping
the rock’s tears,
ants catching between their mandibles
the fire straws of their inexorable
and vanishing


I dreamt stones rolling
and talking,
herbs stopping their weeping
stars rising and falling silent, bewildered birds
suddenly deserted
by their flight, the doe decelerating its stunned race for life


I dreamt spiders combusting


The sun’s amnesia. The lily
amongst zodiac signs crying,
the fall of the last petal
in the fleeting hour


I dreamt trees wondering

And a skylark thrusting
into its own body
as if into a fire
beyond the words,
darting into the song with all its being
then rushing with it to the earth


And suddenly I awoke
as though I remembered
before touching the earth
an intense sorrow that had slipped my mind


The cry of the golden eagles at sunset



Cradle in the Mirror


A thousand doors henceforward

a thousand doors



The breath, a swinging threshold

whence there commence two adverse strings

two infinite flights

of doors


A door which gives birth to a second door

which gives birth to another door

which gives birth to another and then another


up to your farthest point




all the doors close backwards

And you are the last door

a theshhold

English version by Gabriela PACHIA